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In the modern world, the leisure industry is under increasing pressure when it comes to entertainment and keeping their customers happy. The backbone of operations in the leisure industry lies in seamless IT and entertainment systems. Unfortunately, in the present day, post Covid & in amongst a cost-of-living crisis, and now resession, some overlook the importance of regular maintenance, or even cancel is altogether, assuming that their systems can endure the test of time without intervention. Today, we share the story of a leisure centre owner who learned the hard way about the consequences of neglecting IT and entertainment system maintenance, facing the daunting task of spending thousands to rectify the situation.

The Background:

Meet Sarah, the proud owner of a bustling leisure centre that had become a hub for the local community. For years, the centre’s IT and entertainment systems operated smoothly, contributing to a positive experience for patrons. Before a head-office takeover, all of the systems were under a maintenance contract and everything ran smoothly. However, as time rolled on, Sarah had failed to recognise the potential hazards of neglecting routine maintenance.

The Unraveling:

The first signs of trouble emerged when the leisure centre’s computer systems began to slow down. Members faced complications with online bookings, and the staff struggled with retrieving bookings, taking payment and going cashless following the takeover, hindering their ability to provide efficient service. Simultaneously, the once vibrant entertainment system, including audio-visual & lighting setups in the primary communal spaces, started experiencing glitches and malfunctions.

The Dilemma:

As complaints from members and staff multiplied, Sarah realised the pressing need for professional intervention. Consulting with the new head office to try and get a Managed Service Provider (MSP), the revelation was stark: the leisure centre’s IT and entertainment systems had fallen victim to years of neglect. Outdated hardware, improper care, outdated and non-renewed software, insufficient security measures, and obsolete hardware were some at the core of the issues.

The Financial Wake-Up Call:

The MSP presented Sarah with a comprehensive plan to salvage the situation, but the financial implications were staggering. Thousands of pounds were required to update software, replace obsolete hardware, and implement robust measures, just to restore what the premises had. The entertainment systems, which were a major part of leisure centre’s customer experience appeal (and a major cut above the competition), needed extensive repairs and upgrades.

The Breakdown:

Re-instating maintenance in this state would be met with its “putting right” costs:

  1. IT Systems Overhaul: £5,200
  2. Hardware Replacement: £7,500
  3. Security Enhancements: £1100
  4. Entertainment System Repairs and Upgrades: £7,000

Cost of maintenance to prevent this would have been at an estimated £650 per month.

The Lesson Learned:

Sarah’s experience serves as a stark reminder of the importance of proactive maintenance. Neglecting these vital components of a leisure centre, or indeed any industry’s IT systems, not only leads to operational disruptions but also results in a substantial financial burden. The breakdown of costs highlights the true cost of neglected or improper maintenance and the significant investment required to rectify neglected systems.


In this example, we learn of the competitive landscape of leisure and entertainment & the relation with prioritising the maintenance of IT and entertainment systems – it is not just a choice; it is a necessity. Sarah’s journey from oversight to a hefty repair bill underscores the importance of regular checks, updates, and professional intervention. By investing in the ongoing health of her IT and entertainment infrastructure, she can ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for patrons, avoid unnecessary financial strain, and safeguard the longevity of their business in the digital age.

At Pink Pinewood, we are uniquley positioned to provide an expert hand with a flexible and taiored IT Support Maintenance Contract, covering IT/Server systems, Audio Visual (Music, TV, CCTV), Public WiFi, Private WiFi, Internet & Broadband – plus a wealth of other technical services – with discounts available to multi-site contracts and the ability to establish unique partnerships with chains and franchisees.

In this example, we could have helped Sarah. We are one of the few companies that have specialised experience in the hospitality & leisure industry, stretching from mainstream hotel chains to 5 star resturants, to pubs & bars and sports facilities/gymnasiums.

Got a question? Have a no-obligation chat with us, anytime, 01473 561064, or on email, [email protected].

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