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How do I know I'm getting value for money on my website package?
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Who are Pink Pinewood and how do I know I can trust them?

Brand reputation and company size are two very important considerations when choosing a web hosting company. You need to be able to trust the reliability and the service.

Pink Pinewood goes to extereme lengths to make sure that our brand is known for nothing more than its reliability, customer service and great value. We believe in our solutions and delivery and care that every customer finds the right solution to suit their needs.

We achieve this by taking a personal and bespoke approach. Our service operates differently to services like Wix, GoDaddy and SquareSpace, we have humans taking care of the everyday maintenance of your website and include this in every price quoted. As well as this, we don’t try and hide our phone number, if you need us, you can call us, no premium rate, just a standard UK call, 01473 561064.

All of our services are provisioned, hosted and supported in the UK. We are a managed service provider, this means, we don’t just give you a control panel and leave you to it, we give you the tools you need and offer our friendly service to assist with any part of the service, be that a change of text on your website or a rebuild or design overhaul, we don’t charge extra for administration work to your website, it’s all included in the price you pay.

Pink Pinewood Ltd. is a company based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Established in 2021, with over 15 years of experience, we’re the business that can handle everything from a small social club website to a giant superstore site.

Feel free to call and ask if we can be trusted! If you’re still not convinced, we can offer a 3 month trial, if you don’t like it, you don’t lose anything and you won’t pay anything!

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