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We’re sorry you’ve experienced an issue with us.

We endevour to always provide excellent products and services, but sometimes, we don’t always get it right.

We take complaints seriously. We promise to investigate your complaint fully and provide you with a resolution in a timely manner.

If at any point during the complaints handling procedure you’re unhappy with how your complaint is being handled, you may request for your complaint to undergo an internal review.

Resdiential customers can also find free, independent advice by contacting the Citizens Advice consumer service anytime during the complaint process

Business customers can escalate complaints to the relative regulator if nessasarry.

The procedure:

  1. We raise a complaint either by request or when we recognise a complaint “trigger”. A complaint trigger is where we recognise an issue we cannot resolve immediatley or has had a serious negative impact or caused harm.
  2. The complaint will then be assessed to ensure high accuracy in the details being recorded.
  3. The complainee will then be asked to sign a complaint acknowledgment form, we will either send out a repersentitve or send this form in the post with FREEPOST return.
  4. We will then endevour to offer a solution to the complaint. The customer must agree to close the complaint if the solution to the complaint provided has been agreed to.
  5. In the event the complaint isn’t closed, we will attempt to offer another resolution if possible, we reserve the right to refuse a second resolution offering.
  6. If no resolution can be agreed upon, we will then escalate the complaint to deadlock state. When in deadlock state you can escalate the complaint to an onbusman or regulator. The complaint classification will dictate the appropiate action to take.

Residential Complaints:

A residential complaint is a complaint raised by an individual who does not reperesent a company. A residential complaint can range from the purchase of goods, a problem with a provided service or an issue with corrospondance. We reserve the right to question unfair acusations at anytime and expect customers to act without prejudice. Pink Pinewood Ltd. promises to take no prejduce with regards to fair complaints.

Business Complaints:

Sales complaints/warranty: We will always endevour to resolve complaints regarding goods and services within 30 working days but sometimes, we are bound by the procedures of the manufacturer, in these cases, the manufacturer process will take president.

IT Service complaints: We will endevour to resolve service complaints within 14 working days subject to complaint review.

Website complaints: Complaints regarding your website will be handled within 30 working days, we reserve the right to extend this time for complaints regarding reputation damage but will disregard complaints in circumstances where the issue has been aused by a third party or an act of god.

Domain name complaints: Pink Pinewood Ltd. cannot accept domain name complaints. Please raise them to Nominet instead.

Public Performance, or Liability complaints: We work with public WiFi and TV systems. Neither Pink Pinewood Ltd. or you (the complainee) are responsible for any harmful content accessed through the public WiFi systems or content accessed via a private dwelling telivision system. However, the complainee accepts full responsibility for TV & online content shown in public spaces, including the ensurance of the correct licensing and subscription agreements with third parties. Any other complaints regarding installation or the failure to provide any pin protection, or any bespoke agreement content, we will explore the complaint within 14 working days.

Radio/On-Air content: Pink Pinewood Ltd. is not responsible for broadcast content on TV & Radio, but are responsible for content broadcast on Happy Hits Radio UK. These complaints needs to be sent to [email protected].

Timescales complaints: If we’re taking too long, we will endevour to justify the reasons why where appropiate.

Further details on the next steps of your complaint will be made at the time of raising.

We may send an SMS, email, or letter with regards to your complaint. SMS and email interactions will allow you to take action on your complaint at any time.

For more information or to raise a complaint, please call 01473 561064 or email [email protected].

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